Ingo Gerth

Space Systems Engineer

Why this website?


Many try to remain on low-profile in the internet.


I believe, though, that nowadays leaving traces on the web is unavoidable. Therefore I try to be in control of my digital shadow, to which this website does its part.


It centrally aggregates what I do   on the web.


If you came here from your favourite search engine this website is doing it's job.

Is this a blog?




And I'm not planning to add one later. I'm no astronaut, no politician, and no hacker.


It would be too boring, so I'll spare you the details!


If you want to stay in touch with me, better add me on Facebook.

Anything else?


I would like to thank Jørgen Arnor G. Lom for designing this website!


John shares a passion for typography. Make sure to pay Twisted Intelect a visit.


Before you leave.


Take this one with you.


»The choice is the universe, or nothing.«

— H. G. Wells

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